Transcript of Munsif’s Farewell Speech.


[ Beginning Dua]

It is indeed a great honor for me to be here with you, as my term as the interim-president of MSA comes to an end, I would like to deeply appreciate the support and advices given to the MSA by our brothers and sisters at UTSC. We’ve had quite a bit of activities and events that have taken place during a short span of 4 months, and I believe all of them were beneficial not only to those who affiliated with the MSA, but also to those belonging to the UTSC community at large. During Islamic Awareness Week, one of the most exciting events that had taken place was “The Power of the Pen”, and we were honored to have Haroon Siddiqui, a well-known veteran editor for the Toronto Star as the guest speaker for the event. Along with Noor Javed who is a Muslim female journalist, Haroon Siddiqui addressed the issues of the power of the media, and how Muslims – or any minority group for that matter – can positively influence the content of the media. Another worthwhile event during IAW was an inter-faith dialogue seminar, which was meant to foster a communal relationship between different faith groups in the society. After having watched a film titled “The Imam and the Pastor”, speeches were given by Imam Habib Ally and a Christian missionary. That event too, proved very beneficial to the attendees. For the victims of the Haiti earthquake, we held an event in partnership with Children of Hope and SCSU to raise awareness of the situation of the orphans in Haiti, and that event too was a success. The mentioned events are not exhaustive of what we as the MSA have done, but it is for us to understand something – that we as Muslims need to work together, as well as be willing to work with the rest of society to bring about success in the common goals and values of Humanity, while keeping our traditional values as Muslims rooted deep, strong, and with positive pride. However, as Muslims, the most important thing is unity among Muslims, for it is unity that is the cause of our honor and dignity, while the absence of it is the recipe for our destruction and disgrace. It is our duty as Muslims to overlook the minor differences, and come together on belief in Allah SWT, and his messenger Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and focus our efforts and endeavors to bring about success in all spheres of life for every single Muslim living in our western society, as well as the global society at large. And it is also our duty to beautify our Deen through following the manners and etiquettes shown to us by Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam says in a hadith: Innama bu’iththu li uthammima makarimal akhlaq, meaning “I have been sent only to complete moral virtues”. May Allah SWT give us the Taufeeq to act upon the way of the final Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. At this point, I would like to thank every single individual on the MSA team. Alhamdulillah, I believe every individual on the MSA board looked not only at fulfilling requirements, but was also willing take on the task of others, and helping each other at times when we needed each other’s help the most. I was very happy to see that at board meetings, everyone was welcoming of different opinions and ideas, while being happy with whatever the final decision was. Yes, I was the president, but I could have never done it without the help of certain individuals on the board. As they say, the face of the MSA is the president, and I say the heart of the MSA is its dedicated board members. To those who put in much of their time for many of the events; Our VP, Br Aadam, Our Secretary Sr, Zakiya, Our, Treasurer, Br. Omar Rahman, Our HR director Br Maz Jameel, Our Da’wah Commissioner, Br Abdul Malik, Our Website Co-oridnator Br. Mahfooz, Our Events Co-ordinator Sr. Marya Khan, Our Social Services Director Sr. Sumaiya, Our Al-Risalah editor, Sr Sameehah, Our External Relations, Br, Abdul Basit, and our Prayer room Coordinator, Br Azzam. Br Azzam’s responsibility is to take care of anything to do with the prayer room, and that includes scheduling speakers for khutbah on Fridays, and indeed that is not a simple task. Before brother Azzam assumed his position, there was an individual who was doing all that without being on the board, and so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank this unsung hero, Mohammad Sheikh for his valuable time and efforts. And to all those who’s names I haven’t mentioned, you are equally important, and I ask Allah to grant you all the best of this world and the next.

Before I welcome the new board I’d like to mention a new intiative that has been taken upon by the leaving MSA board, lead by our Da’wah co-ordinator, Br Abdul Malik. We are Insha Allah starting a conference catered to New Muslims, and Insha Allah we hope with the support from external organizations such as Journey of Faith, Masjid Al Ansar and Masjid An-Noor, we can make this event a success and an annually recurring one. We have also launched the website for the conference, which is Though the website doesn’t have much content at this point, we hope to have it completed soon insha Allah, and we ask every one of you to make dua for this events success. We are also in need of volunteers, so those of you who are willing, please let either Br. Abdul Malik, Sr Halima or myself know through email that you are interested in volunteering for the conference. We have also put up the Al-Risalah newsletter on, so for those not used to holding a physical copy of a magazine in their hands, can enjoy the ease of viewing the Al-Risalah magazine online

Now coming to the end of my speech; after this term we will have Br Nahyan Chaudhury leading the MSA, and whether we are part of the MSA or not, we should all support the new board in every way we can. To Nahyan and the new board, I wish you all the best, and know that if there’s anything I can do to assist you, I will make every effort to do so insha Allah.

[Closing Dua]

End of Speech

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