Below is a partial list of mosques and organizations. If you would like your organization to be included, contact us.

1) NAMF- North American Muslim Foundation – contact no: 416-299-1969

Located at 4140 Finch Ave East (intersection Finch and Midland), also known as Masjid Qurtuba. It has an Islamic School for children from kindergarten to grade 8. They have several youth initiatives which include:
a. Gym- pool table, basketball, table tennis, hockey rink and more ( 7 days a week, 6 pm till midnight)
b. Quran Tafseer (After Zuhr Prayers every Sunday for everyone, 1:30-3:00 pm)
c. Summer jobs for university and high school students
d. Volunteering all year around for youth
e. Sisters Halaqahs

Some occasional events they hold include:
f. Conferences and Seminars
g. Speech Competitions (High School Students)
h. Orphan Run (for everyone)
i. Family Fair (for everyone on Family Day)


2) Abu Hurairah Centre – contact no: 416-752-1200

Located at 270 Yorkland Blvd (intersection Sheppard and Consumer Road) It is a mosque, which offers various youth initiatives such as:
a. Weekend School (ages 4-15 yrs old)
b. Weekday Qur’an Program (ages 6-17 yrs old)
c. Basketball for brothers (Junior Leagues 8-13 yrs old, Senior Leagues 14-17 yrs old)
d. Basketball for sisters (Junior Leagues 8-13 yrs old, Senior Leagues 14-17 yrs old)
e. Weekly Halaqas
f. Martial Arts Classes

3) Islamic Foundation of Toronto – contact no:416-321-0909

Located at 441 Nugget Avenue (intersection Markham Rd and Nugget Avenue), the IFT offers the following programs for youth:
a. Halaqas (Sundays after duhr prayers)
b. Weekly Hadith Program (every Wednesday for 20 minutes after Maghrib prayer, and in winter after Esha prayer)
c. Courses offered on Sundays to enhance Islamic Knowledge
d. Summer Hifz (must be 8 years of age and up)
e. Summer School


4) Islamic Institute of Toronto – contact no: 416-335-9173

Located at 1630 Neilson Road, (intersection Finch and Neilson Road), this is an excellent resource for studying Islam. They offer a variety of programs including:
a.  Tajweed Courses (Saturday and Sunday)
b.  Tafseer Lessons (Saturdays)
c.  Arabic Courses
d.  And various other courses on topics related to Islam, such as “Health Education Through an Islamic Lens” and “Understanding Islam (Islam 101)
e.  Scouts Program
f.  Summer Camp  (job opportunities for youth)


5) MAC- Muslim Association of Canada –

Currently operates in 11 Canadian Cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton etc. They have a vision to establish Islamic presence in Canada. MAC members (which are mostly university students) meet with high school students and help them build a strong bond among the Muslims in their high school. Some of other activities they involve the youth by are:
a.  Soup Kitchens
b.  Blood Drives
c.  Food Drives
d.  Collaborative fundraising activities with organisations such as the Terry Fox Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society etc.


6) Muslim Big Brothers and Sisters –

MBBS is located at 108 Beaverbrook Court and can be reached through the email address, It recruits youth and mentors that are trying to better their faith and their education and professions. Once a week Youth and mentors have a group outing.  They decide as a group from a number of options:
a.  Playing Sports:  Basketball, hockey, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball and more
b.  Road Trips:  Niagara Falls, Collingwood and more
c.  Collectively Volunteering:  Soup Kitchen, community events, etc.
d.  Attending Events:  Sporting events, Islamic conferences
e.  Self-Skills:  Leadership, public speaking, communication, decision making


7) Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto – contact no: (416) 754-8116 contact no: (905) 281-9730

Located at Mclevin Avenue, Unit# 4 & 4A, Scarborough as well as 3490 Mavis Rd, Mississauga, the MWC needs your help in the following ways:
a. Volunteers are needed, especially on weekends, where they go around and distribute food to the needy
b. Also had a project during Ramadan, which was creating iftaar baskets for the needy in the GTA during Ramadan, more information can be found on their facebook group!/ProjectRamadan


8) Markham Masjid – contact no: 905-294-7866

Located on 2900 Denison Street. They offer several education programs such as:
a. Tafseer programs in English and Urdu
b. Islamic Fiqh Event- Topic Masails with Q and A in English and Urdu
c. Sunday Islamic School for ages 5-16 years old


9)  Masjid Toronto –  contact no: 416-596-0507 email:

Located on 168 Dundas St. West, Toronto, the masjid hosts a variety of classes and community events.


10) Islamic Social Services & Resources Association (ISSRA) –  contact no: 416-767-9358 email:

Located on 2375 St. Clair Ave. West, ISSRA is dedicated to providing social services to the community, including but not limited to, community information and referrals, ESL classes, youth program and program for women and children. They are located in Toronto, Canada


11) Scarborough Muslim Association – contact no: (416) 750-2253

Located at 2665 Lawrence Ave. East, Scarborough, ON , M1P 2S2, CANADA


12) Islamic Society of Toronto – contact no: (416) 467-0786

Located at 4 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, ON, M4H 1H1, CANADA