Below is a partial list of available helplines. If you have any suggestions for other hotlines, contact us.

1. Young Muslims’ Hotline

Call 416.623.9080 or visit  The YMH features options such as media inquiries, Naseeha Muslim Youth Helpline, Ask the Scholar, Academics Services & much more.


Call toll free- 1-866-627-3342 or visit Modeled after the mainstream Kids Help Phone, operating from the city of Mississauga nightly from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Friday


Call toll free 1-888-315-NISA. This is a recent initiative by Mercy Mission, as part of their Women’s Resource Centre. A Muslim Women’s helpline, it is open Monday to Wednesday, from 7-9pm, and Thursday and Friday morning, from 10-12pm. It can be used by anyone in Canada.