Salaam (peace) everyone! The MSA is proud to announce a new charity initiative!

There is a website called where you can answer questions from a variety of subjects ranging from English to Math. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated through the WFP (World Food Programme)! This may not seem like a lot but if we consistently do even 10 questions a day (100 grains), in a month that would accumulate to 3000 grains per month! Imagine if we took some time each day to do more!

With this amazing opportunity for good, the MSA is holding a competition to see who can donate the most in a given time. The winner will receive a surprise gift! The first competition will run from Jan. 1st until the last day of February InshaaAllah (God willing)!

Please use this link to join the UTSC MSA group on this site!